Why use web based video advertising on your website?

  • There's a reason more people see the movie than read the book...
A recent study by the Online Publishers Association (OPA), looking at the key factors driving video advertising success, used a variety of ads featuring everything from consumer packaged goods and financial services to airlines and pharmaceuticals, and four ad attributes, testing 96 combinations for how they impact key advertising and brand metrics.

The study found that online video advertising leads to concrete results. Of the 80% of viewers that have watched a video ad online, 52% have taken some sort of action. Importantly, visitors to media sites (magazine, newspaper, cable, broadcast and pure-play) demonstrated they were more inclined to take action upon viewing a video ad than visitors to portals and user generated content sites. Of consumers who made a purchase in the last month, 48% said the Internet drove initial awareness, 57% said they learned more using the Internet, 55% used the Internet to decide where to buy, and 56% made the final purchase decision using the Internet.

If you're watching TV and during a commercial break, a :15 second spot for a local restaurant comes on, what does the average person do? They either change the channel, skip it with TIVO, or tune it out completely.

In contrast, if you're doing web research for a place to eat this Saturday night and you come across that same restaurant with a short film showcasing the business, the chances are greater that you’ll watch the entire video and might even end up there for dinner. So as a consumer, we’ve gone from detached (TV) to engaged (Internet). That’s the future of this market.

Your customers can 'meet' you virtually. They can see your operation. They can see the ambiance in your restaurant. They can hear real, live, uncensored testimonials from real, satisified customers.

Online video has become a very high-impact medium, adding lively images and sounds to sometimes boring, long and tedious pages filled with text. With an almost instant start time, and no need for a specific video player like Windows Media Player, Real Player or QuickTime, video can inform and entertain any audience at the click of a mouse. Video on the web is so engaging that an industry study shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a Web site with a video commercial than from a company that does not have one.

  • Why have video on your small business website?

From testimonials to product demonstrations to store tours to employee introductions to resource video libraries, there are so many ways that video can enhance your website and engage your potential customer.

Online listing services such as SuperPages.com, YellowBook.com, and YellowPages.com now allow you to add your online video to your listing!

  • People do business with people they like.

It's a fact, whether you agree with it or not! Web video advertising gives you the opportunity to show people who you are, show people your expertise, let them see what your restaurant or store really looks like. A 2-4 minute video can convey more interest and generate more emotion in your product or service than any website could - assuming people choose to slog through pages and pages of text on your site!

  • How much do you remember?

Online video is a high-retention medium. BBC research reports that "... when sights and sounds are combined, as in video, information retention is almost doubled when compared to sight or sound alone." Other studies show that, if people generally remember 10% of what they read, they remember 50% of what they see and hear. Not only do people remember video commercials very vividly, they also act on video-based information more quickly. Industry statistics report that a video expedites buying decisions by 72% over print...

  • Be found. Fast. Maybe even tomorrow. Google LOVES video!

Most people use Google or Yahoo in order to search the web. Search engines love video. So much, in fact, that your video can be found on page ONE or TWO of Google in a matter of days... sometimes hours after we post it! Most companies spend years trying to get their website ranked well on Google - and yet we can get you right up there on page one almost immediately * (of course, with a link back to your website for more information!). Often times, your video will also include a small thumbnail - which the eye gravites to first since it usually is the only graphic on a page filled with text!

*There are no guarantees in regards to search engine placement.
Your results will vary, but it generally is based on the competition for similar keywords.