• Surprised, huh?

Compared to a TV commercial on your local cable network, which runs for a limited time to a limited audience (Comcast anyone?) for an exhorbitant price, web video advertising just makes sense. And more importantly, it runs 24/7 to anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world until you take down your website.

One price. No monthly charges. No hosting charges. No minimums. Unlimited benefits.

  • The asterisk? What about the asterisk?

Well, MOST video ads come in at $500 for a 2-4 minute advertisement. Exceptions may be if your shoot requires an exhorbitant amount of relocation, set up times, etc. We allow 60-90 minutes for shooting, so if we're there for 3 hours waiting for your cleaning lady to finish or your on camera talent who forgot to set their alarm clock, we may have to charge you a little more.

Gas costs a lot these days, so we do have to charge a $25 gas surcharge for any locations between 60-90 miles from Nashua, NH, according to Google Maps. If you're further than 90 miles... we need to talk!

  • Where does this video live?

We have numerous hosting options depending on your needs, but don't worry. None cost any extra!