Who is BostonWebTV?

We began doing real estate web video tours back in 2004. Fortunately, we had virtually no competitors. Unfortunately, we also had no viewers! What we were doing technically couldn't be done on the web without downloading a plug-in and waiting for a long, long time. Even then, the video was the size of a postage stamp. Squint!

Fast forward to early 2006. YouTube became a hit. Broadband became the norm. Flash began pefecting video distribution. The required plug in was no more!

We are considered one of the leading innovators in the entire country in real estate web video tours, and have been featured in numerous local and national media, including the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and National Pubic Radio (NPR). We have been asked to speak at real estate offices and national real estate conventions on the use and benefits of web video in the real estate industry. We will featured in a new book published in 2009 by McGraw-Hill entitled "How to Make Money with YouTube". Some of our work will be included in an upcoming biography on Adam Sandler on the A & E cable network.

We also have a background of web design and search engine optimization, so we are also in a unique position to advise you on the many opportunities that are now available for your video to be "found" on the internet in search engines. Not only can we make you found, oftentimes you will find your video on page one for the top search term. Ask about it!

Boston, Massachusetts and New Hampshire online web video marketing